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Global Media Network USA, Inc.

Providing key business and executive management consulting and advisory services to public and private companies US and internationally since 1991.

Industries Sectors Served


Oil & Gas


Graphics & Fine Arts




Media Arts & Entertainment




International Yacht Sales




Restaurant Chain

What We Offer

The Company for over 25 years has focused on standards of excellence in assisting a large range of corporate and governance requirements, and hands on 24/7 services including professional executive management, financial, accounting, tax, consulting and advisory.

Inspiring creativity, diversification and experience

Our Work Flow

Info & Market Presence

Global Media Network provides assistance and oversight for development of business plans, financial projections and cash flow models.


Assists and advises for presentation to financial institutions

Analysis, Accounting and Governance

We will work with the Company either with or as management for annual work flow as needed including annual reports, accounting oversight, financial analysis, project assessment.

Schedule An Appointment

Email us and one of our advisory members will respond to you as soon as possible, or call us at 602-942-3601